Flexible, Socially Aware and Value Savvy -
Why Campus Conferences Are the New Way to Do Business


When it comes to choosing a venue for your large conference in Scotland, you will find that there are a great many choices on offer.  From that large hotel with multiple rooms, to purpose-built corporate conference centres, event planners and brand managers are certainly well-served.

How then, do you ensure that you’ve chosen the best possible option for your delegates and conference message?  From the location to on-point facilities, from getting parked to getting fed, every detail needs to come together to deliver a memorable experience for speakers, colleagues, delegates and partners.

Experienced organisers will also know that corporate social responsibility plays a big part in today’s decision making process; the environmental and social policies of your suppliers and partners reflect on your brand and any venue should enhance your own core values and brand spirit.

And of course, all of this needs to happen on budget and to a fixed deadline!

For these reasons, among many others, large brands and prominent industries are looking to academic campuses as the solution to their conference needs.  These large, multi-faceted venues offer busy event planners one point of contact for multiple tasks on their list – venue, food, equipment, budget planning, accommodation, team building, parking, drinks receptions and more.

1.       Academic campus venues are not-for-profit

Academic campus venues are usually the commercial arm of the University in which they sit. University of Stirling Venues, as an example, redirects all profits from their commercial endeavours back into the University of Stirling to ensure quality educational facilities and an outstanding student experience for now, and the future.

2.       Unrivalled flexibility due to size and variety of rooms

Universities are created to cater for thousands of students every day.  By design they are the ideal solution for presentations, exhibitions, workshops and breakout rooms. And of course, you can have multiple combinations of these happening at any one time, or flowing from one space to the next. 

3.       A greater sense of togetherness for delegates

Campus settings nurture the communities they serve through careful use of space, environment and facilities on offer.  By bringing your delegates together into one space, you will harness that powerful atmosphere of camaraderie and set the tone for your conference, no matter how large. 

4.       One dedicated point of contact - for everything!

Having all facilities and services in one location means an easier booking experience for the conference organiser.   From the main event to evening drinks receptions, delegate parking to mid-morning coffee, campuses offer all of this - and much more – via one experienced team member. 

5.       Truly unique settings, with unlikely surprises!

Set into university grounds, Scotland’s various academic campuses each come with their own unique characteristics. At the scenic University of Stirling campus you will find the sixteenth century Airthrey Castle and its namesake loch, as well as facilities for team building sessions in the sports training ground of Great British Olympians.

If you’ve never considered a campus as an option for your large conference needs, then now is the time to get in touch with our experienced team!  A dedicated team member will be appointed upon enquiry and will work with you to ensure we deliver a memorable conference experience for you and your delegates.

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